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Which Version Is the Bible?

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This book documents that such is not true and that the traditional majority Greek readings are the preserved origninal biblical text.Paper Back
Did you know that the Greek New Testament text historically used down through the centuries by the believing Church has been cast aside and replaced by a radically different Greek text? Nearly everyone has the impression that the difference in wording between modern translations and the 1611 King James Bible, as well as the other older English versions, is mainly due to synonym choices and language changes. Such is not the situation. The outrageous reason is that almost all translations since 1881 have been made from a drastically different Greek text than was used to prepare the older versions. The reason for this dismaying development is that modern textual critics have been seduced into accepting a theory whereby this "minority" text is said to contain older readings than those found in the vast majority. Being supposed older, the "minority" is deemed superior.