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The Words of Jesus: A Gospel of the Sayings of Our Lord

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What if you could encounter the words of Christ apart from their surrounding narratives and presented in their full power and mystery? By: Phyllis Tickle. Hardcover.
Phyllis Tickle, one of America's most beloved writers on Christian spirituality has done just that, writing what she calls a "Sayings gospel." In The Words of Jesus Tickle has compiled and arranged all the Gospel sayings of Jesus along with His words from the first chapter of Acts, and arranged them in such a way that it creates an entirely new kind of encounter with the texts. In addition, each saying is accompanied with personal reflections and commentaries on the words and the person of Christ. Ultimately, Tickle enhances the richness of Jesus' words making each passage stand on its own while highlighting the variance and diversity in Jesus' Sayings.
Take this opportunity to experience a clearer, more embodied encounter with Jesus and with the meaning and message of His Word.