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The Message: Psalms & Proverbs Audio Bible Voice Only

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ISBN: 1598594621
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Version: The Message
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You're about to make a surprising discovery: the passion of the Psalms and the practicality of the Proverbs.
  • 5 CD's 6 hours
  • Read by Leading Christian Artists
Many people assume that a book about a holy God should sound elevated, stately, and ceremonial. If this is how you've always viewed the Bible, you're about to make a surprising discovery.
This audio puts the life-changing power of the Bible , the vibrant emotions of the Psalms, and the rich practical wisdom of Proverbs into the same easy-to-listen terminology people today use to talk to friends.
Read by leading Christian artists, including Kathy Troccoli, Steve Green, Scott and Christine Dente, Nicol Sponberg, Anthony Evans, Andrew Peterson, Louie Giglio, and Steve Mason.
5 CDs. 6 hours.