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The Life of Christ Told in One Story

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Version: Amplified Bible
Eyewitness: The Life of Christ Told in One Story.
  • New Testament Studies
  • 5 CD's
For two thousand years, people have wondered, questioned and debated the life of the man we call Jesus. Some thought he was a prophet, while others saw him as an ordinary man. He claimed to be God. Was he? Religious leaders of his day said he deceived the people. Did he? What kind of man can walk on water, calm a storm and feed thousands with a few loaves and fish? Repeatedly, eyewitnesses saw miracles too amazing to believe and heard a message about God's kingdom, where it was more wonderful to give than receive.
Eyewitness compiles the information from the Gospels and hundreds of other Bible verses into one chronological story. As you read this account, you can walk with Jesus, hear his voice, watch what he does and discover the joy of following him.