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The Emotionally Healthy Church: A Strategy for Discipleship That Actually Changes Lives

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Despite all the emphasis today on spiritual formation, church leaders rarely describe what spiritual maturity looks like. This book addresses how to grow disciples with relational depth--balanced people who are genuinely intimate with God, with their inner being, and with others. Hardcover
Something is desperately wrong with most churches today. Many sincere followers of Christ who are passionate for God and his work are unaware of the crucial link between emotional health and spiritual maturity. They present themselves as spiritually mature but are stuck at a level of immaturity that current models of discipleship have not addressed. Discipleship that really transforms a church must integrate emotional health with spiritual maturity. The Emotionally Healthy Church offers a strategy for discipleship that accomplishes healthy living and actually changes lives. Included are hands-on tools, discussion questions, spotlights on key points, and story after story of people whose lives have been changed by the concepts in this book. Open the pages, and find out how your church can turn a new corner on the road to spiritual maturity.