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The Da Vinci Hoax

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Exposing the Errors in the Da Vinci Code.
This book clears the boards. At once a thorough discrediting of The Da Vinci Code and a primer on many of the underlying themes distorted therein, The Da Vinci Hoax brings the reader into a clear understanding of the inaccuracies (and downright slander) incorporated into the novel. Examining the "core texts" used in the formulation of the story and media interviews with Code author Dan Brown, the authors expose the slapdash method used to shoehorn all the disparate elements into a linear plot - but that's not where Brown stopped. Distortions of both the basic history and historicity of the major facts, as well as distortions (and sometimes complete ignorance) of the core texts themselves, come to light as the layers upon layers of poor research and misapplied logic are peeled away from a very dark core.

It is baffling why Brown would hold out admitting that his book is not based on accurate information (as purported in the so-called FACT page at the outset of the novel) or else come forth with the proof behind his claims. It is confusing why he would list so many source materials that show no trace of having been consulted in the creation of the story. But the bewildering part for many Christians is why so many readers (Christians and non-Christians alike) would take what Brown has written as fact without looking at any of the source material (which would, in some cases, refute his conjecture) or read a book like The Da Vinci Hoax that gives full disclosure about the main points of the story.

Delving deep into the early Christian writers, accurate historical records, basic facts surrounding major players, items and events (Constantine, the Grail, Council of Nicaea) and wandering - with good reason - into other alleys concerning the book (the Catechism, The Jesus Seminar, construction of Gothic cathedrals), the authors do something original. Unlike the other anti-Da Vinci Code books, Olsen and Miesel have produced a book with it's own intrigue and sense of discovery. Bringing together the major influences and showing the truly base impetus for Brown's attack, The Da Vinci Hoax invites readers to search for the truth and gives ample resources and the moral obligation to do so.