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The Concise Bible Commentary

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ISBN: 0899576729
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Version: Amplified Bible
When people read the Bible, they are often frustrated by the wide gap in time and culture that separates them from the original readers. Hardcover.
The aim of the AMG Concise Bible Commentary is to bridge the gap by providing the sort of information that ordinary readers are looking for in their search for a clearer understanding of the Bible. With a clearer understanding, the Bible becomes more relevant. This commentary also bridges the gap between a technical Bible commentary and the person who has little technical knowledge when it comes to understanding the Bible, and is accesible and easy-to-read and in a non-technical style. This commentary features: an overview of every book and chapter of the Bible in an easy to understand format, insight into the overall context of each Bible section while showing how the Biblical text has relevance today's society, and maps, charts, outlines and introductory materials.