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Play-n-Worship Play-n-Worship Play-Along Stories for Toddlers and Twos

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ISBN: 0764438972
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Version: Amplified Bible
They'll toss bouncy balls in the air to make rain for Noah's Ark. They'll clang building blocks together to make thunder-and learn how God calms a storm. They'll hug & hold baby dolls-and hear about God's great care for them!
  • Ages: 1-4

Play-n-Worship includes 10 colorful, age-appropriate lessons that get little ones worshipping God and knowing Jesus through movement and fun. Your toddlers and twos will learn songs that make them want to sing out, and they'll discover Bible truths through intentional play-by using basic toys found in any classroom! It's easy for you, fun for kids, and great for church use.

Teach in ways toddlers and twos learn best...by doing! "Play-n-Worship" is designed according to the latest proven teaching methods and best practices--and it's made to last an entire year. Because repetition is important at this age level, we recommend you teach each lesson five weeks in a row to reinforce the learning.

There are five intentional play techniques included with each lesson, so kids experience the Bible point in lots of new ways. After five weeks, move to the next lesson!

From the creators of Children's Ministry Magazine. "For ages 18-36 months."
What this resource offers...

  • Great Value! This easy-to-use kit includes 10 colorful, developmentally-appropriate storytime teaching trifolds, 1 leader guide, and the "Play-n-Worship: Play-Along Songs for Toddlers and Twos" CD & DVD (with common sign language toddlers know!).
  • 10 age-appropriate lessons with songs and intentional play techniques that get kids worshipping God and knowing Jesus through movement and fun. Themes include: God Gives Me Food, God Takes Care of Me, God Is With Me, God Keeps Me Safe, God Loves Me, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Is Born, Jesus Is My Friend, God Made Me, and I Can Help.
  • Music kids, teachers, & parents will love. Drop this instant boredom-buster in your DVD player. You'll spark kids' enthusiasm for worshipping God--with songs and images that make them want to sing out!
  • Videos include colorful scenes that are age-appropriate, interactive, and educationally sound. Each video reinforces the Bible point as your children sing.
  • Great for Sunday school and home use! Help your youngest children learn worshipful songs--and understand how to connect with God and trust him in their everyday lives.