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Once-A-Day 25 Days of Advent Devotional: Daily Readings for the Advent Season

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This 20-pack includes 20 Once-A-Day 25 Days of Advent softcover booklets, each featuring 25 days of devotions for the season of Advent.

Prayer and Anticipation are Now in Season: 25 Devotions for Advent
Beginning on December 1, this Once-A-Day Christmastime devotional booklet takes you through the entire Advent season with thoughts on the person of Jesus: his involvement at the creation of the world, his life in the Gospel accounts, and who he is today. Along the way you will meet and examine the lives of various individuals involved in the incarnation, and during the week of Christmas examine the response to this miraculous and gracious event, both in heaven and on earth.

Written by Dr. Kenneth Boa, president of Reflections Ministries, these 25 devotions offer select Scripture passages that allow readers to gain a fuller perspective on Jesus' presence throughout the Bible. In addition, each devotion provides thoughts and questions for meditation, along with a prayer for each day, making them perfect for your own personal, family, or small-group use.

The 25 days of reading are broken out as follows:* The Old Testament presence of Jesus: who He was at creation, where He shows up in other parts of the Old Testament, and more* The people associated with the Nativity: Zechariah and Elisabeth, Mary and Joseph, John the Baptist, Herod, and the Magi* The specifics and the people directly involved in the nativity: the shepherds, the angels, and the baby Jesus himself * A Christmas reading that points ahead to his ministry, his passion and his rule as King