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NRSV Children's Bible Gift & Award

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ISBN: 0687332451
EAN: 9780687332458
Version: New Revised Standard Version
Life is a journey along a path, and as Christians, we strive to stay on God's path.
  •  Burgandy Imitation Leather
  • Ages 8 to 12

Parents and Sunday School teachers will now have a complete NRSV Childrens Bible
for promotion Sunday, gifts, teaching, and worship. This is a Bible 8- to 12-year-olds will enjoy using. Through the use of the NRSV, children will encounter a consistent Scripture
in Sunday School and worship.

Children will:

  • memorize key verses of Scripture which will stay with them for a lifetime
  • learn and understand the will and attributes of God
  • continue to seek and align their life to God's will
  • learn about people and places of the Bible
  • learn to apply the Scripture in their lives today

This new Childrens NRSV Bible contains callouts that provide content designed to enhance the NRSV text. Icons draw attention to the specific types of callouts.

  • PATH - God's Path - The will of God, God's words, the message of Jesus.
  • COMPASS - Finding the Path - What the Bible says about how to align your life with God's will.
  • FLASHLIGHT - Light on the Path - Key verses worth memorizing.
  • POINT SIGN - Points along the Path - Facts about the Bible lands and life in Bible times.


  • The complete text of the NRSV
  • Hundreds of callouts to provide content designed to enhance the NRSV text
  • Glossary
  • Eight pages of 4-color maps
  • Introduction page for each book, including a summary of the book and duotone art depicting theme or story from the book
  • 16 pages (not including maps) of 4-color artwork
  • Presentation page
  • Timeline
  • Self-pronouncing proper names
  • 8 point text
  • Two-column layout
  • Paragraph format
  • 8 Pages of full color maps
  • Deluxe Gift Edition - Burgundy Imitation Leather