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NLT2 One Year Bible for Kids Challenge Edit.

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ISBN: 0842385177
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Version: New Living Translation
Can your 8- to 12-year-olds read the bulk of God's Word in one year? You bet!
  • Full Color Paper, Flush Cut

Get your kids into the Scriptures with this "One Year Bible" that gives them portions of Scripture to read each day. This repackage of the One Year Bible for Kids starts with Genesis 1, ends with Revelation 22, and includes key chapters of the Bible in 365 daily bite-size portions that kids can read in just a few minutes. This revised edition includes a puzzle and a challenge each month to cheer kids on toward the goal of reading through the Bible in a year. Great for kids ages 8-12.

Have you ever...
tried a new move on your skateboard?
learned how to play a new instrument?

Both of these things seem almost impossible at first, right? Maybe because you've never done it before, or maybe because you don't know where to start!

Just like any challenge, reading through the whole Bible can seem almost impossible. If you think it seems that way, "The One Year Bible for Kids Challenge Edition" is for you! This edition of the Bible gets you started-and keeps you going-with its easy-to-read plan, taking you from Genesis through Revelation. At the end of each month a fun activity or puzzle will remind you of things you've learned and encourage you to keep reading. You'll be amazed at everything you discover about God in one year!

So, get ready. Get set. Take the challenge...You can do it!