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NIV Youthwalk Devotional Bible

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Version: New International Version
Abortion, AIDS, suicide . . . these are just some of the issues your 15- to 18-year-olds are asking about.
  • Teens Bible
  • Multi-Colored Paper Back
  • 1432 Pages
When you're faced with a tough decision, some people would tell you, "Just do it!" The YouthWalk Devotional Bible gives you an alternative. If you don't want to live with bad decisions, ask yourself the simple question, "What would Jesus do?" He always did the right thing, even though it wasn't always the easiest thing. Okay, but how do you answer this question in your life? What would Jesus do if his best friend tried to destroy his reputation? Or what if his folks were hassling him all the time? Or were getting divorced? Or one of his best friends just told him he was gay? Or he found out that his older sister was using drugs? Or his youth group was boring? Or his teacher was trashing his belief in creation?
That's exactly what this Bible is for--to help you answer these and 250 other tough questions you struggle with. Each devotion starts with a real-life situation. Then the "Look it Up" feature compares it to a situation in the Bible. The "Think It Through" feature gets you looking at the situation from God's perspective. "Work it Out" gives you a practical action you can take to help you do the right thing. Finally, "Nail it Down," directs you to a passage in the Bible that relates to your situation and helps you apply that passage to your life. It's a great process--one that's helping over 350,000 teens who already use the YouthWalk Devotional Bible. This Bible uses the New International Version (NIV), a translation that is accurate and easy to understand. The NIV is trusted by millions of people as the best translation of God's Word available in English. The YouthWalk Devotional Bible combines a year's worth of devotions with a bible you can rely on. It's the truth in your ownwords.