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NABRE Catholic Study Bible

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ISBN: 0199362777
EAN: 9780199362776
Version: New American Bible Revised

This landmark resource, the first fully-based on the authoritative NABRE translation, contains the trustworthy study notes, expanded essays, and informational sidebars which have guided and informed students and general readers for 25 years. Multi-Colored Hardcover

In this new edition, one-third of the Reading Guide materials are new, and all of the other Guides have been reviewed and revised by their original authors.

The extensive Reading Guide, the focal point of this volume, leads the you through the Scriptures, book by book. References and background information are clearly laid out to guide the reader to a fuller understanding of the Bible. New to this edition is a more extensive treatment of the biblical background, including history and archeology.

Perfect for both higher education and clergy, Bible study and general readers, The Catholic Study Bible is an essential resource for both experienced students and first-time readers.

The New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) brings to culmination the work of nearly 100 scholars, including translators, editors, and a subcommittee of Catholic bishops who provided extensive review of the biblical text over a period of many years. The NABRE is the first major amendment to the New American Bible translation since 1991. It features:

  • The first update of the Old Testament since 1970, taking into account recent archeological and textual discoveries
  • Complete revision of the Psalter

New to this Edition:

  • One-third of the Reading Guides are new
  • All remaining Reading Guides reviewed or revised by the original authors
  • New essay on Archaeology and the New Testament
  • Extensive Reading Guide leads the reader through the Scriptures, book by book.
  • Contains a 15-page glossary of special terms and complete Sunday and weekday lectionary readings for the liturgical years of the Church
  • Includes 32 pages of full-color Oxford Bible Maps come with a place-name index

Other features:

  • Concordance
  • Index to Reading Guide
  • A 15-page glossary of special terms
  • Complete Sunday and weekday lectionary readings for the liturgical years of the Church
  • 14 beautiful full-color Oxford Bible Maps with a place-name index for easy reference
  • Thumb-indexed page edges facilitating book lookups
  • 8-point text size
  • 9.25" x 6.50" x 2.25"