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Moe and the Big Exit

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Can you imagine the important Bible story of the Exodus told as a Western? You don't have to imagine it--the VeggieTales gang has created it for you!
Come back to Dodgeball City and meet Moe (played by Larry the Cucumber), a good-natured cowboy living high on the hog. His life may be easy, but his relatives are under the control of the mayor whose forcing them to dig the Grand Canyon and paint the Painted Desert! Life is tough for them--the Zucchini bosses are pretty relentless, and they don't get any vacations! God steps in and gives Moe instructions on how to help the oppressed people. Disguised as The Lone Stranger, Moe implores the mayor to let his people go! But when the heartless mayor refuses, a whole heap of trouble comes to town! Can Moe keep following God's direction in spite of the difficulties? Will he and his people get out of Dodgeball City once and for all? You'll find out in this new VeggieTales Western adventure!

There's also a new silly song from the VeggieTales' own fab four: the Boyz in the Sink! They're back with a song filled with funky rhymes called "A Mess Down in Egypt." This DVD also offers over 2 hours of DVD bonus features. So saddle up for a rootin' tootin' Bible adventure as VeggieTales heads west to tell one of the greatest stories of all time, and teaches a lesson in following directions!

DVD Bonus Features:

  • Why we do it--insight from the creators on the lesson taught
  • Making a Western Moea behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Moe including interviews with kids and parents
  • Real Western Cowboy
  • Art Gallery and Commentary
  • Studio Commentary
  • Video Trivia
  • Boyz Sing Along
  • Ballad of Little Joe Storybook
  • Bible Reference--interactive pages provide a closer look at the story of Moses
  • How to draw Moe and Zippy
  • Western Duds Game
  • Easter Eggs
  • Discussion Guide
  • Sneak peak look at The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything--A VeggieTales Movie