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KJV Old Scofield Study Bible

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ISBN: 0195273036
EAN: 9780195273038
Version: King James Version
This easy-to-carry edition of the renowned Old Scofield® Study Bible offers a wealth of study materials at a fantastic price.
  • Burgundy Leather
  • Large Print
Featuring a traditional type setting cherished by many long-time Scofield readers, the Classic Edition, whose notes date from 1917, is the best cross-reference study Bible ever published. Among its many features are book introductions and outlines, unique subject chain reference system, comprehensive indexes, chronologies, a concordance and authoritative, full color Oxford Bible Maps.

* Authorized King James Version text.
* Same-page text helps.
* Complete Scofield® references.
* Subheadings.
* Introduction to each book of the Bible.
* Comprehensive index.
* Chronologies.
* Subject index.
* Concordance.
* Red letter type.
* Subject chain references.
* English equivalents for Hebrew dates, money, weights and measures.
Font Size: 10.0 pt