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KJV Complete Bible Voice Only

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ISBN: 193003413X
EAN: 9781930034136
Version: King James Version
Author/Narrator: Eric Martin
Listen to Eric Martin, internationally acclaimed winner of Gold Medal Awards for narration, holder of the Communicator Award of Excellence, as he brings out the richness and timeless poetry of the King James Bible.
  • 60 CDs
  • Zipper Case
  • Narrated by Eric Martin
His narration imparts divinely inspired truth in a sincere, compelling manner that will enrich your spiritual life and add new dimensions to your understanding.

A word-for-word narration recorded on sixty (60) CDs using state-of-the-art replicating equipment and packaged in a zippered case for convenience and storage. This is a non-dramatized version....PLUS a bonus Left Behind - A Conference on Bible Prophecy DVD by Dr. Tim Lahaye. (***Not A Movie) God has marvelous plans for our future. If you don't understand prophecy, then you don't understand what that future is...and if you don't understand that future, then you don't see where you fit in the plan of God. This DVD by Dr. Tim LaHaye explains why Bible prophecy and how God's plans for our future is a message of hope through the cross of Jesus Christ.

- Complete Old and New testament Audio Bible King James Version on 60 Audio CDs
- Narrated by Eric Martin, Communicator Award 1997-98
- Plays in standard CD players

About the Narrator:
Eric Martin is a recipient of both National and International honors in the field of narration having worked as a journalist, actor, writer and radio broadcaster. Mr. Martin has also been involved in missions and aided "Operation Exodus" in evacuating many Jews from Russia. The voice he uses to proclaim his passion to fight for the persecuted Christians will continue to touch many lives through his recordings.