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Jesus Encounter: Stories of People in the Bible

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Author/Narrator: By: Williams Tinsley
Stories of People in the Bible Who Met Jesus
  • By: Williams Tinsley
Set aside the images of Jesus you've grown accustomed to through the years and prepare yourself for a journey.

It is the journey of the imagination and the heart that will sweep you back through the centuries and set you down in ancient Palestine, where word is spreading of a remarkable young rabbi who teaches about God's kingdom and leaves miracles in His wake.

How would Jesus of Nazareth have affected you if you had encountered Him face to face? What would it have been like to hear Him speak? What if you had been one of those who saw His expressions, felt His touch, marveled at His miracles, and witnessed the reactions of others as He taught them, healed them, and challenged them with words that laid open the human soul? With creativity and insight, William Tinsley takes you for close-up encounters with Jesus.

Seen through the eyes not of His frontline apostles, but of ordinary men and women a row or two back, here are impressions of the Master that will deepen your appreciation of His impact as a flesh-and-blood man relating to real people in a distinct time and cluture.