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Gods Generals Collection

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ISBN: 088368456X
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Version: Amplified Bible

The God's Generals twelve-DVD collection profiles extraordinary men and women whom God used to change nations and affect the entire world. 12 DVD's.

These great men and women of God have given us a legacy through their lives-insight into the greatness of God and the snares and pitfalls of the enemy. Through this captivating series you can relive the great miracles, the anointing, and the revival fire of some of the most dynamic men and women in church history.
Set Includes:

Vol. 1  John Alexander Dowie
Vol. 2  Maria Woodworth-Etter
Vol. 3  Evan Roberts
Vol. 4  Charles F. Parham And William J. Seymour
Vol. 5  John G. Lake
Vol. 6  Smith Wigglesworth
Vol. 7  Aimee Semple McPherson
Vol. 8  William M. Branham
Vol. 9  Jack Coe
Vol. 10  A. A. Allen
Vol. 11  Kathryn Kuhlman
Vol. 12  Highlights And Live Footage