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DVD Read And Share Bible V2

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ISBN: 140031304X
EAN: 9781400313044
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Share the joy and wonder of God's Word with the children in your life.
  • DVD Approx. 60 min.
  • Ages 3-9

Thirteen essential lessons of scripture starring the Bible's best-known characters.
The Read And Share™ Bible on DVD combines an enchanting art style with a warm narrator and gentle musical underscore to transport kids back to Biblical times.
The bite-size vignettes are perfect for the attention span of little ones, and give parents maximum flexibility to fit any time-frame. Approx. 60 minutes.

Stories include: "Joseph and His Brothers", "Moses", "Ten Commandments", "Balaam's Donkey", "The First Lord's Supper", "Jesus' Resurrection", and "The Holy Spirit Comes".

DVD Special Features:

  • Dolby 5.4 Surround Sound Stereo
  • Widescreen and Fullscreen Versions
  • Interviews with "real kids"
  • "Behind the Scenes"
  • Trailers
  • Coloring Pages
  • Auto-Start