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Do Science and the Bible Conflict?

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ISBN: 0310245079
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Author/Narrator: Poling Judson
The Tough Questions series faces head-on the difficult and challenging questions seekers ask about the Christian faith. How can an all-powerful God allow suffering? Is Jesus really the only way to God? Where did evil come from? Tough questions. Reasonable questions. The kinds of challenging questions you or someone you know may be asking that are worth the time to explore. In six sessions designed to get small groups thinking and discussing, each guide in the series deals frankly with objections commonly raised about Christianity. You'll engage in the kind of spirited dialogue that shows that the Christian faith can stand up to scrutiny. Detailed lesson plans are provided for facilitating discussions around the most frequently asked spiritual questions by seekers. In the process, it gives an overview of key elements of the Christian faith.

This honest, informative series is the result of Garry Poole and Judson Poling's extensive work with seekers at Willow Creek Community Church. In six sessions designed to get small groups thinking, discussing, and sharing, each book deals head-on with questions and objections commonly raised about the Christian faith. Quotes from non-Christian skeptics in various disciplines, together with responses from credible Christian apologists, fuel the discussions. A great resource for small groups, churches, and Sunday school classes, this series offers seekers and believers alike the kinds of reasonable, factual answers that inspire faith, conviction, and trust in the reality and claims of Christ.