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Complete Jewish Bible: 2017 Updated Edition

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ISBN: 1936716860
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Version: Complete Jewish Bible

NEW: Dr. Stern’s newly updated version of the Tanakh (“Old Testament”) and an introduction for each book of the bible written from a biblically Jewish perspective. Navy blue imitation leather.

Presenting the Word of God as a unified Jewish book, the Complete Jewish Bible is a translation for Jews and non-Jews alike. It connects Jews with the Jewishness of the Messiah, and non-Jews with their Jewish roots. Names and key terms are returned to their original Hebrew and presented in easy-to-understand transliterations, enabling the reader to say them the way Yeshua (Jesus) did! For readers familiar with the Jewish New Testament, the Complete Jewish Bible is a welcome sight! 1697 pages.

  • Newly updated version of the Tanakh (“Old Testament”)
  • Introduction for each book of the bible written from a biblically Jewish perspective
  • Books of the Tanakh Listed in Christian Old Testament Order, the order with which Yeshua (Jesus) was familiar
  • Articles
    • How the Complete Jewish Bible Came to Be
    • Jewish Tanakh Versus Christian Old Testament
    • Poetry in the Complete Jewish Bible
    • The Jewishness of the New Testament
    • How the Complete Jewish Bible Expresses the B'rit Hadashah's Jewishness
  • Reasons for Certain B'rit Hadashah Renderings
  • Tanakh Prophecies Fulfilled by Yeshua the Messiah
  • Synagogue Usage of the Complete Jewish Bible
  • Gives the traditional weekly and holiday synagogue readings, plus relevant readings from the B’rit Hadashah (New Testament)
  • Clarifies misunderstandings by recognizing the Jewish historical/ cultural background of the text
  • Offers the original Hebrew names for people, places, and concepts, using easy-to-read English transliterations and pronunciations
  • How to Pronounce the Hebrew Names and Terms
  • Pronouncing Explanatory Glossary
  • "Reverse" Pronouncing Glossary
  • Index of Tanakh Passages Cited in the B'rit Hadashah
  • Makes no separation between “Old” and “New” Testaments
  • Single-column format
  • End of Chapter Cross-references
  • Special maps to aid in Bible understanding
  • Map Index
  • 9-point text size
  • 8.75"  5.50" x 2.00"