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CD Veggie Tales Boyz In The Sink

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Fans will now be delighted with this debut album from the now famous VeggieTales boy band: Boyz in the Sink.
  • Compact Disc
  • Ages 4 to 8
Boyz in the Sink is the popular VeggieTales boy band introduced in The Ballad of Little Joe DVD (August 2003). Beloved by fans for their wildly popular “Belly Button” song, the band has decided to produce its very first full length album! It features cool new songs like “The B-O-Y-Z Dance” and “The Funky Polka.” It also includes a brand-new remix of the “Belly Button” song!
1. Boyz in the Sink
2. Bigger Than the Boogie Man
3. The B-O-Y-Z Dance
4. Belly Button (Original Cut)
5. Hairbrush
6. Do the Moo Shoo
7. My Day
8. Funky Polka
9. Cheeseburger
10. Oh No. What We Gonna Do?
11. I Can Be Your Friend
12. Belly Button Remix (Bonus Cut)