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Best Friends Best Lovers

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Eight Ways To Become Irresistable To Your Spouse.
  • Paperback
  • 195 Pages
In marriage, most men want a wife who will be their best lover while most women desire a husband who will be their best friend. The secret to a marriage that thrives is in learning to combine both of these elements in harmonious balance.
Unlike most marriage enrichment books which focus outward on “life modification,” or behavioral changes, Best Friends Best Lovers looks inward to the real key to a happy marriage and finding satisfaction in love: heart transformation. It is only when our hearts are transformed from within by embracing the incredible love of God for us that we can enter into a marital relationship as full and rich and satisfying as we have always dreamed-a relationship characterized by complete abandonment to each other in self-giving love.
Using solid scriptural principles as well as insights gained from their own experiences, Bob and Audrey Meisner, best-selling authors of Marriage Under Cover, share how the infinite, amazing love of God transformed their hearts and restored a marriage almost destroyed by adultery to a place where they are thriving today as never before.
Reignite the fire in your marriage! Learn how to become satisfied in love through heart transformation! The simple principles in this book will lift your marriage to a whole new level of healing and wholeness and transform it into an electrifying relationship that exudes strength, intimacy and a vibrant, joyous life!