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Ancient Poetry from Beyond My Years!

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In the grand scheme of creation and all existance I see there are things that you do not understand. I have wrote with the heart within me,  the beloved true creator of all things. As you read you can feel and see the depth of the truth ringing deep within your souls. by Larry J. Perry
This expression of truth is to help you see how beautiful things have been established and created in the heavens, and here on earth also. I hope your heart can feel how indetailed each piece of creation is that envelopes eternity. Written within this ancient scribe is a beautiful love story that will truly warm your soul. It also births forth a hope for a new dawn in time and existance that I feel we all are longing for. With much love and honor I submit to you writings from The past, The present, and The future. 
About the Author

From whence can I start about ones self? As I collect my thoughts and ponder about myself I seek a way of  expression that reflects my inner character and integrity. I am a being of love and tenderness, but also I carry an authority within my heart and soul that demands respect. I cherish family values and honor and the right to prosper with  wealth and riches, as do we all. I love looking at nature and seeing the splender of  the beautiful  handiwork.  When I love, it is with my whole being. When I give of myself it is with glorious passion. I believe in honor and lawfulness, it defines a man. I also hope my life reflects change for the betterment of mankind and all creation. With diginity and honor I close this writing about ones self, and bid you all love and prosperity.