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All About Love

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A thematic celebration of the journey of relations
  • New release
Perennial CCM mainstay Steven Curtis Chapman recently capped a busy year highlighted by the release of his gold-selling Declaration, and an emotional tour featuring the reunion of Steve Saint and Mincaye, the native who martyred Steve's father. Currently, Steven is wrapping up his newest project, All About Love, a thematic celebration of the journey of relationships.

All About Love is a passionate challenge to Christians: love others from an overflow of the love we have received from a God whose love is perfection personified. The album contains fifteen songs: twelve new songs, and three covers (including "500 Miles," originally recorded by The Proclaimers and updated version of "I Will Be Here.")

Track Listing:

    01 - All About Love
    02 - Your Side Of The World
    03 - How Do I Love Her
    04 - 11-6-64
    05 - Youve Got Me
    06 - Im Gonna Be
    07 - Echoes Of Eden
    08 - Holding A Mystery
    09 - We Will Dance
    10 - We Belong Together
    11 - With Every Little Kiss
    12 - Miracle Of You
    13 - Ill Take Care Of You
    14 - I Will Be Here
    15 - Moment Made For Worshipping
    16 - When Love Takes You In