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Wycliffe Bible Dictionary S/S

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ISBN: 1565633628
EAN: 9781565633629
Author/Narrator: Wycliffe J
Comprehensive enough to satisfy the avid student, and inexpensive enough to meet the needs of the layperson!
  • photos, maps, charts, and more!
  • 1871 pages,
  • hardcover
This Bible dictionary gives you extensive information on every proper name and place in Scripture, as well as doctrinal, historical, and theological topics. Includes articles by more than 200 leading evangelical scholars, photos, maps, charts, and more!

Major topics are given extensive coverage, and contributors are noted after each article. Many topics include bibliographies for additional research. This comprehensive, affordable Bible dictionary includes over 900 photos, maps, charts and drawings. Charles F. Pfeiffer was professor of ancient literature at Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Howard Vos is retired professor of history and archaeology of The Kings College in Briarcliff Manor, New York. John Rea is retired professor of Old Testament at Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia.