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TNIV The Bible Experience New Testament Dramatized

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ISBN: 9780310926337
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Version: Todays New International Version
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The Bible has a voice. Inspired by The Bible Experience is an inspiring audio Bible that features an unprecedented cast of nearly 200 of today's distinguished Hollywood actors, actresses, and musicians.
  • 2 MP3 CD's
  • A cast of more than 200 stars

Inspired By… The Bible Experience is the most ambitious undertaking in recent recording history.  The Bible is brought to life by a collection of distinguished artists and personalities (Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Cuba Gooding Jr. and many more...), in a complete and fully dramatized audio recording of the New Testament. The 368 character portrayals (cast list) are further accentuated by a compelling and inspirational musical soundtrack.  This amazing and anointed audio production presents the world with the unique opportunity to be Inspired By… The Bible Experience.

It also features movie-quality sound effects and background music. This fully dramatized version of the TNIV New Testament was developed by entertainment veterans, and is a ground-breaking undertaking. The phenomenal quality draws you into Scripture and makes the Bible come alive in a new way you have never experienced before.

Hear the words of the Bible brought to life like never before. Inspired By... The Bible Experience: New Testament Audio CD or MP3 CD includes a fully dramatized reading of the complete New Testament performed by an unprecedented ensemble of distinguished all-star actors, musicians, and personalities.

A cast of more than 200 stars including:

  • Blair Underwood (Jesus)
  • Samuel L. Jackson (God)
  • Angela Bassett (Esther)
  • Denzel Washington (Solomon)
  • Cuba Gooding Jr. (Judas)
  • and many others, lent their talents to create The Bible Experience, a one-of-a-kind dramatized audio recording of the Bible, complete with an outstanding original musical underscore. 

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Fantastic! When I first heard of this product, I expected something very much like my NIV on CD - clearly presented, but still having that "reading-a-book" feel. However, the Bible Experience accomplishes exactly what its name implies. In the Gospels and Acts, you feel the action taking place. In the Epistles, you get the experience of the letters actually being written.

I read an earlier review that criticized the production quality of this project. As a former professional editor in radio and video and as a current pastor, I can assure you that I was thoroughly satisfied with both production and content. The fact that there is little pause between narrator and actor keeps the momentum moving and eliminates the "wooden" feel of more traditional readings. However, even with this more realistic pace, nowhere do you feel that the text is being treated with anything but respect.

I also thought that the background sounds were very well done. Two of my favorites were the marching soldiers panning slowly from right to left in Romans and the dank, dripping feel of the prison in 1 Corinthians. Never overwhelming - just enough to create the "experience".

Finally, I thought the scoring was very appropriate. That was one of my criticisms with the NIV recording, where it seemed that the background music was on a continuous loop and would rise and fall at random times. In The Bible Experience, the music fit the scenes - and there are many times when there is no music, just the ambient sound that would surround a 1st century letter being written.

I have been recommending this project in my church, and will highly recommend it on this website. It treats the NT with reverence, while realistically animating it from an oft-times lifeless page. I can't wait until next year's OT release - the history books are going to be a blast