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NRSV Access Bible with the Apocrypha Updated Edition

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ISBN: 0199777535
EAN: 9780199777532
Version: New Revised Standard Version
The Access Bible, Updated Edition contains all the same great study materials as the original Access Bible, with the addition of new essays and section introductions.  Paperback
For mainliners anxious to carry out in-depth Bible study, this edition is clearly a top choice. It delves into backgrounds, origins, authors, and cultural matters. There is running commentary interspersed throughout the text; difficult terms are carefully explained; included are a 16-page glossary, a select concordance, numerous sidebar essays. 2208 pages, 6.5" x 9" x 1.5" softcover. Oxford University.
The Access Bible has long been the go-to study Bible for mainline Christians looking for insight into and background for the Bible. Designed for the individual reader, it's accessible to new readers but also offers enough depth for those who are already familiar with the texts but want to delve deeper into the culture and context of their authors and origins.
A unique feature of the Access Bible is the running commentary which is interspersed with the Bible text. Difficult concepts are clearly explained in terms which everyday readers can easily understand. There's no need to have a dictionary by your side when you're using the Access Bible, Updated Edition. When a technical explanation is required, all of the terms are defined right on the page, as well as in a glossary at the back. History, social contexts, religious practices, the beliefs of ancient peoples-all are explained when the Bible text requires it.
In addition, this Bible was designed to contain all the background information needed by believers from a wide spectrum of churches. The Access Bible sets a new standard for ease of understanding.