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NCV Revolve Devotional Bible

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ISBN: 0718018559
EAN: 9780718018559
Version: New Century Version
The Bible is God's love letter to You. But if the idea of reading the Bible is a little scary--you're not quite sure where to start or what to do--or if you want to connect with God and dig deeper into His word--this Bible is for you. Softcover.

Revolve is ultra-readable, because the New Century Version translation is one that really makes sense! God's word will come to life in these pages, and there are lot's of extra features that really relate to your life:

  • Devos - 365 articles that help you read through the whole Bible, and they really unpack some of the meat of Scripture.
  • Intros - and overview of each book of the Bible, in totally totally relatable terms.
  • The Big Picture - There arent just Intros, but also these follow-up articles that help show you how all these books fit together into one unified message from God. They work with the Intros to help you read and understand from beginning to end.
  • Bios - the lives of fifty interesting Bible characters and applications for your life.
  • Relationships - practical, Scripture-based advice on how to handle everything from family issues to guys to peer pressure.
  • Quizzes - to help get you thinking and motivate you to be honest with yourself about your walk with God.
  • Talk to God - Learn how to develop a vibrant prayer life.
  • Virtue Building - practical insights on becoming more like Christ.
  • A Thorough Topical Index - to help guide you through God's Word.