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KJV Solar Powered Audio Bible

893672001013 | KJV Solar Powered Audio Bible
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ISBN: 893672001013
EAN: KJV Solar Powered Audio Bible Complete Charcoal
Version: King James Version
Sample Audio:

NEW Solar Powered Audio Bible. Less than 4.5” long! Charcoal. Listen only.

Enjoy God’s Word... powered by "God’s sun!" The SpokenWord Solar Powered Bible is a revolutionary, digital audio player! The perfect gift!
For all you sun worshippers, we offer the solar powered talking bible, which " speaks all books of the Bible, Old and New Testaments, in a real human voice. You can move from book to book and chapter to chapter with the press of a button....perfect for anyone on-the-go who wants to hear the word of God."
Solar-powered, rechargeable battery saves you money and recharges in daylight or incandescent light. Rugged and water-resistant! Earphones included. Easy-to-use controls let you scroll forward or backward by book, chapter, or 10-second segment, plus pause or bookmark.
  • Color Charcoal
  • Complete Bible
  • Includes earphones
  • Includes a power adapter