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Inklings Board Game

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ISBN: 1889055220
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You don't have to be a Bible expert to enjoy this strategy-building game--but every time you play, you'll know God's Word a little better!
  • Ages 8 & Up
  • Great Family Game
Players answer "Who/what am I?" questions based on increasingly easier clues. More challenging clues ("I said 'Stay at Jericho till your beards have grown'") earn more points; easier hints ("I killed Goliath") win fewer. There are over 280 questions, and the first player or team to get 55 points wins! For 2 to 6 individual players, or up to 24 players on teams. Recommended for ages 8 and up. In this game, you'll find:
  • A Spinner
  • 27 Draw Cards
  • 142 Clue Cards
  • 120 Point Chips (in 3 colors)

Contains small parts: Not recommended for ages 3 and under.

Dimensions: 9.13 X 11.75 X 2.25 (inches)