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Fun Bible Sudoku 2

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What do you get when you mix the puzzles you love with the Scriptures you know? Hours and hours of challenging fun!
Mix the worldwide popularity of sudoku with Barbour's specialty of Bible trivia, and what do you get? Fun Bible Sudoku! This brand-new book of 150 puzzles will challenge players on two levels-in their knowledge of the Bible and in their skills of logic in solving the puzzles. Number-based puzzles require the placement of "givens" by answering Bible trivia questions. Letter-based puzzles are drawn from words and phrases in scripture. Solving the puzzles is accomplished by careful logic or good old trial and error. Answers are provided. For the best of both worlds-sudoku and Bible trivia-get Fun Bible Sudoku
Includes 100 number-stumpers and 60 letter grid games. Answer the trivia questions and solve the puzzle through careful logic---or good old-fashioned trial and error! Includes answers. 288 pages, softcover from Barbour.