The KJV MP3 Audio Bible

KJV MP3 BibleOne of the most technologically advanced versions of the Bible is an MP3 Bible. For those of you who do not know what an MP3 is, it stands for MPEG Audio Layer 3. It is a digital audio technology that allows you to compress music or sound files into much smaller files with little or no loss of sound quality. It is able to do this by removing inaudible information from the file. You can store MP3s on your computer and upload and download them over the Internet, which means they can be listened to on a variety of different media, including CD players, iPods and MP3 players, or right on the default media player of your personal computer.

To give you an idea of how much compression takes place using the MP3 format, consider this: An Audio Bible narrated and recorded onto CD’s takes about 60 audio CDs to record. This is about 72 hours of recorded narration. In contrast, the MP3 Bible only requires two to four MP3 CD-ROMs to hold the entire MP3 Bible. This can then be uploaded or downloaded to your playing device. This technology makes it extremely easy to transport and use Bible MP3s at conferences, retreats, catechism classes where children’s Bible stories are played, evangelism and outreach programs, and listening groups. Well-known pastors sometimes record the Podcasts themselves and they often contain short dramatizations of the Bible or homilies related to the weekly readings.

Since many cultures in developing parts of the world have never heard the Word of the God or ever had a chance to hold a copy of Bible in their hands, MP3 Bibles are one of the best new ways to share the scriptures with them. Many volunteer organizations will bring MP3 Bibles and other audio Bible formats to villages and play them for a large group. When used in conjunction with printed Bibles, children and villagers who have not learned to read can follow along and begin learning written words. Right now there are audio Bibles for hundreds of different languages, and new translations are being worked on as we speak.

Whether you prefer reading the Bible, listening to Bible MP3 recordings at home or at the gym, you have many new opportunities to incorporate the Bible into your life and the lives of others around you. You can even donate MP3 Bibles to those less fortunate to help evangelize the Good Word and spread the teachings of Jesus to other cultures in countries far from your own.

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