Introduction to the Christian Bible

King James The first, the son of Catholic Mary and the nephew of Queen Elizabeth the First, was a King of England. He saw the controversies that the many different Bibles of his era caused among the people.

The Meaning of Bible according to Christians:

Christians all over the world believe in the common truth that the Bible is God’s revelation to man. The Bible in reality has one author, God himself, one plan and one purpose-the redemption of mankind.  Although the Bible was written by many authors, Christians strongly believe that God was in complete charge of what was written.

The Christian Bible is one holy book that you will find almost anywhere in the world and is also the only all time highest selling books in the world.

Origin of the Christian Bible:

The Bible is known to be one of the world’s oldest books. While the oldest sections were written almost 1500 years ago, before the birth of Christ, the newest sections were written about 1900 years ago. Written over a period of about 1600 years, the Bible was estimated to be written by about forty authors. Those who wrote the Bible never claimed the source of ideas as their own. They always asserted that what they wrote was given by God.

Contents of the Bible:

The Christian Bible is divided into two main parts the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament consists of 39 books and the New Testament consists of 27 books. However one of the important attributes of the Bible, throughout the pages of scripture you will see harmony and consistency in the theme of salvation from sin.

King James wanted to formulate a Bible which was solely based upon the doctrines of the Catholic Church of England and which would be written with accordance to the Parameters laid by him. Thus the King James Version Christian Bible came into existence.

The King James Version Christian bible was translated from the Bishop’s Bible. It has no footnotes in the favour of any institution, individual or any political ideas.

The Bible contains records of historical events, prayers and praises to God, sermons, prophecies and personal letters. The Bible records the beginning of human race and how sin entered the world and Jesus Christ, the central feature of God’s plan.

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